Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Halloo out there!

Well, here 'tis . . .  my first foray into blogspot.

I used to be a fanatical (stratofanatical, even) blogger back in the day, first with deadjournal -- as the initial free alternative to livejournal -- then with livejournal itself. I got out of the habit, ironically, around the time I bought my first laptop and graduated my M.A. program . . . about 2008 or so.

But, lately, I've developed a bad habit. Every time I desperately wish to avoid working on my dissertation, I tend to distract myself with Tolkien blogs. There's a surprising number of blogs kept by top scholars in the field, and reading through them has given me unique perspectives on various Tolkienana which doesn't normally make the mainstream academic sources.

We'll see if the old urge re-kindles. Since all my reading (and thinking) has been focused heavily on academic matters of late, that'll probably be the direction this initially goes. Time will tell if Stratofanatic's Emporium is here to stay.

For the nostalgically-minded, my old lj hangout:

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