Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Proofreading party

Had our Proofreading Party for the upcoming 6th issue of Scientia et Humanitas. For a while I thought I was going to be the prettiest girl at the party, but a staffer and the editor-in-chief both arrived on time. (Mini-rant: my biggest pet peeve is people who lack the professional courtesy to answer their e-mails. We never really expected anyone to show up, but e-mails letting us know would be nice. As it was, I figured it would only be me and the EiC today.)

But things went well, regardless. Got most of the articles proofread, and I'll finish correcting the Word .docs tonight. The faculty reviews should come in by Monday -- ironically, Scientia's advisor is currently at the Medieval conference in Kalamazoo, along with about a gazillion Tolkien scholars. I've kept thinking that MLA was where the action was at, but I may have to change my thinking on that.

Anyway, I'm ridiculously proud of Scientia. Our nine authors put in an insane amount of work. This is going to be a good issue.

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