Monday, May 23, 2016

University of Solitude

Aaaaaaaand . . . she's launched!!!!

Matej just made the paperback version of University of Solitude available on Amazon. (The Kindle version has been ready for a few weeks.) I couldn't be prouder of the missus for pulling off such an immense translation project. Having a book to her name is already a great coup for her resume. We decided that I shouldn't appear as a co-translator just for that reason, although me not knowing a word of Slovak also helps. (Martina did all the hard translating, I only helped with the copy editing and proofing.)

But that doesn't matter. I still feel protective of the book. I don't have great hopes of the book doing all that well, actually, especially since Jon Stewart's movie about the same topic (i.e., someone falsely accused of espionage in Iran) didn't do well. Still got the fingers crossed, though.

Here's the website for University of Solitude

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  1. Love yall's support of one another! #bestcoupleaward <3