Friday, August 26, 2016

"It's all hegemony, bro!" and GoT

Walking down campus the other day when I heard this student, evidently some sort of Marxist frat brother, say to another, "It's all hegemony, bro! Everything! This university, everything!" Good gawd, it's day two of classes and I already have to hear about hegemony.

Also, last night, I had the Game of Thrones class I'm sitting in on. My director's teaching it, which is awesome, as is the number of friends I have in there. Now that I've been ABD for a year and a half, I'm getting kinda nostalgic for the classes. But I have to admit that not having to write anything makes the experience even better.

I'm also super pumped to start the HBO series. I've read the books but, obviously due to lack of a tv, have never seen the series. Last time I checked a few years ago, it wasn't available on-line. (I actually contacted HBO customer service to verify that.) Now, though, apparently there's a thing called "HBO Go." I'll give that a try.

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