Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Race and Popular Fantasy Literature (Helen Young)

So, I'm a few chapters in Race and Popular Fantasy Literature: Habits of Whiteness, a recent book by Helen Young. It just came out, and I've been looking forward to it. Still not sure what I think of it -- Whiteness Studies as a field is not up my alley, but Young certainly seems to be handling her material relatively well.

Two things, though:

1. Eccentric and excessive capitalization. Skin colors such as White are consistently capitalized, as are the genres (Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc), but "eurocentric" is not. The latter sort of typographical cutesy-ness strikes me as more annoying than politically edgy. But the excessive capitalization gets on my nerves even more. If I'd wanted to read German, I'd actually bother learning German.

2. This may be the WORST proofread book I've ever read. Seriously, on nearly EVERY page there is a comma splice, a grammatical mistake, strange spacing, something. This book is from Routledge, for crying out loud. They should be ashamed.

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