Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Updates for Scientia et Humanitas, Issue 7

I meant to post about Scientia a while ago, but I'm looking through my February entries and realize it must have slipped my mind.

We had our Spring deadline for submissions on February 10th. I was quite pleased to see that we had 10 new submissions from a host of fields (biology, economics, political science) to go along with our usual concentration of English department contributions.** That brings our yearly total up to 24 submissions, which greatly exceeds last years total of 18 submissions . . . and the year prior to that, before I was at the helm, had only 10 submissions. So, our efforts over the last two years have paid off.

Following the Spring deadline, our staff also really stepped up, and we managed to get all submissions reviewed within two weeks. Given that the wait time on submissions for most academic journals is usually measured in months, I think the Scientia collective earns itself another gold star.

Out of our new submissions, quite a few got mentally marked as "promising." Considering that we already had three articles from last semester accepted, revised, and run through copyediting, it looks like Issue 7 will be a nice full issue. The acceptance rate for this year projects to be about 40%, although that may fluctuate depending on how well the authors manage their revisions.

All in all, things are looking good!

  • ** Given that our editors and most of our staff are English majors, it's inevitable we get over-saturated with English submissions -- much easier to plead, cajole, and threaten the people one sees everyday for contributions, doan y'know.

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