Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Taking one for the team . . .

So, I've had an absolutely beautiful schedule this semester: four classes, all back-to-back on MWF, with only one prep and plenty of time to work in the mornings. Well, a kink's just been thrown into those gears. Apparently, one of the lecturers here suddenly resigned yesterday, and I responded to the frantic emails of the WP director calling for help. I figured, why not, what with my (relatively) open schedule. Plus, it's just good to help out the department during a pickle.***

So I'm going over the previous instructor's course documents and D2L, trying to get a feel for what he was doing after 10 weeks. Plus, no idea if he had given his students any more indication about his leaving than he did the university. This'll be weird . . . but, also, strangely less pressure than my normal classes. I'll meet the students tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

***Incidentally, our WP director told me how she'd been bragging just the other day, "Oh, October's always a crazy month, but absolutely nothing crazy has happened." Her friend ominously replied, "But October ain't over yet."  Lo and behold -- not only this course and two others all get sudden & unexpected on the last day of the month -- Halloween, no less!

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