Saturday, November 4, 2017

First Annual Conference on Gender-Based Conference (U of A)

Spurred on by that encyclopedia article I wrote about Stephen R. Donaldson and aliens, these last two months I've been hammering away on an article about the relationship between his work and gender violence. With the article entering the final stages, the following opportunity was just too good to miss: the First Annual Conference on Gender-Based Conference, November 3rd & 4th, hosted here at the U of A. I didn't go last evening since it started at 6:30 pm, and that's perilously close to my bed time (although I hated to miss the keynote address by Brooke Axtell), but I'm making the Saturday sessions.

So far, it's a pretty good conference. It's a bit less academic than I was hoping for, being a bit more practical about how to solve issues of gender-based violence, but I'm learning some valuable things about terminology and the kinds of discussions current in the issue. Even though my interests in the topic are a bit narrower than most people's who went there, I'm glad I went.

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