Saturday, November 11, 2017


Well, actually, last Thursday night with Chomsky. In celebration of luring Noam Chomsky away from MIT, the U of A had a "discussion" with him at Centennial Hall. Tickets were $15 -- and I don't know if I was outraged they were charging for an academic event, or disappointed that someone at the very pinnacle of academia didn't bring in triple-digit ticket prices!

(Regardless, the ticketing website was the most convoluted thing imaginable. Despite that, a pretty nice crowd showed.)

Anyway, the discussion itself wasn't much -- just some normal observations about current politics, media, human rights, nuclear war, and the like. Nothing particularly insightful or amazing. Still, the wife and I went for the pleasure of seeing a genius, not any practical or academic benefit, so we were happy. Plus the discussion and following Q&A went about 2 hours long, so we certainly got our money's worth.

Afterwards, we went to Chipotle's. Apparently, one of my students works there, and she gave us free chips and quacamole. She only did it cuz she's fun (i.e., she probably does the same thing for all her friends), so only later did I realize that, technically, we may have been bribed. Whoops.

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