Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Laid out -- but still currently productive

So, speaking as someone who never gets sick, the last week has been a health catastrophe. First, last Monday, Martina and I went hiking to Bear Canyon. Great trek, but I tripped and banged the hell out of my quadriceps. No visible bruise, though it felt like a bruise deep inside, and it took me four days until I got full flexibility back.

But, that evening, I started coming down with something. Then the next day, Tuesday, the coming down got worse. Before you knew it, I had the flu -- laid me out for a full six days, and I didn't start better until Saturday night. No major interruptions in my normal activity, though, although I stopped going to the gym that week. Otherwise, my academic work kept up.

Through Sunday and yesterday, there was 36 hours of good health. But, after finishing my final Monday class, I started getting the shivers really bad. I trudged along home, knowing that I had some herculean work efforts ahead of me. My ENGL 102 returned their lit review rough drafts that afternoon, but my plane for the ICFA 2018 left the next morning at 6:30 am, so I basically had to comment on 60 papers in about an 8 hour span.

I almost made it . . . but I had a flu relapse. Although I don't know if "relapse" is the right word, since it was basically a short nuclear burst of flu-activity. Chills, insanely high fever (I had to use cold compresses), splitting headache. I went to bed at 7 pm, snoozed off and on until midnight . . . when, strangely, all the aches and pains and fevers stopped, except some night sweats. So, basically, a 10-hour bug. No idea if it was part of the old flu or maybe even a new strain I'd inadvertently picked up somehow.

Anyway, though, I did manage to finish that commenting this morning, although the last of it occurred during out Los Angeles airport layover. Now I'm ready for an exciting, exciting week.

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