Monday, April 30, 2018

Poul Anderson and Old Norse Poetry in Translation

So, by dint of my work on Paul Edwin Zimmer's poetry, who once dubbed J.R.R. Tolkien and Poul Anderson as his "literary masters," I'm now delving into what Poul Anderson has done poetry-wise . . . .

. . . and this has proven to be quite an interesting task. I'm pretty much getting all my information on Anderson's poetry from the wonderful Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database, and, while some of it has been reprinted in widely scattered -- and hard to find -- volumes of work, much of it first appeared, and continues to only appear, in the famous sff fanzine Amra. This was a great home for many 1960s sword and sorcery authors, including Lin Carter, L. Sprague DeCamp, and of course Anderson. So my weekend was spent basically interlibrary loaning hoards and hoards of Anderson poetry which appeared in the fanzine over the course of the decade.

Many of the poetry, intriguingly, is not original to Anderson; it's almost entirely translations from Old Norse (which largely echoes the alliterative metre of Old English). With any luck, it should start arriving within the week. Looking forward to it.

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