Pfft to you, too, buddy

So, last year, the facebook page for the Southern California CSL Society asked if any scholars would like to present at their monthly meetings. Since I had just finished some work on Lewis, I emailed the fellow and we set something.

Then it got delayed from double-booking, and then delayed again. They mentioned maybe doing something in September -- i.e. two months ago -- but never contacted me. I forgot about the whole thing and only remembered the other day. So I contacted the point person, who responded with an annoyingly brief and unapologetic message. He also asked what I'd be talking on ... when that had already been established last year. Scrolling down four message would have answered that question.

So I just deleted the whole thread and said the hell with them. I only made the offer in the first place they their society specifically asked for scholars, but I really don't want to waste my time with an unprofessional group.


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